WordPress is one of the most ideal tool for the beginner of web design and web development because it complement together with number of features, interesting site and have high possibility toward better development on web design.

Here are the reason why WordPress suitable for the beginner of web design:

  1. Free

WordPress is a free site whereby no charge is required to enter in the site and it is accessible by every user without having any limitation. As it is free, it is a good option for the web design beginner to learn making basic web design without spending tons of money on other specific website with fancy and expensive platform, just to learn on the basic of web designing. Besides, it is a good option as after you have become expert on web design, you could change your preference on web designing to other website as WordPress is a free site, so it is worth for the beginners. Not only the WordPress is a site that is free, it also comes with other interesting number of features such as the free setting on the theme whereby, it is a good place for you in learning the web design as you will have the opportunity to start tweaking on the WordPress setting and start building up your own website from scratch.

  1. Variety type of website creation

On WordPress you will not be receiving any limitation on creating any of the website type and it is up to you in designing the type of your website creation on your own desired.

Examples of website that you could create:

  • Service on dogs’ grooming
  • Sharing images
  • Hosting a video conference
  • Streaming live music
  • Retail online shop

WordPress is the most versatile option considering the number of themes provided and the plugins that available. With the variety of layouts, high number of widget spaces and add-on tools, you will have the ability to create any custom website by tweaking the setting until you achieve your desire website.

  1. High number of community

As WordPress is one of the longest well-developed site, it had received high number of user and developers that lead towards huge community in the site itself. For a beginner of web design that is using WordPress as the platform, you can find the answer to any of your questions in a quick search as WordPress had been built in with proper forums and website. By the broad community on the WordPress including high number web designers, they would be happy to share with you as the beginner regarding their personal experience, success, failure and tips in developing a website.  Not to forget that WordPress is a secure website complete with regular update to its user.

  1. SEO support

As being one of the sites that had developed long enough, WordPress website is being favour by the Google. Hence, WordPress are simply being ranked higher in the search result in allowing other users to views your website. In addition with the focused plugins on SEO, it will support your website in receiving more traffic specifically on your posts, visual and pages.

  1. Vast market option

As you have been creating and developing your personal website on WordPress, you realized it is the best decision for you to continue in building the official website and would like to try selling your design, WordPress is the best option due to huge market community. Besides, as you had been learning on the WordPress in web design from scratch, it is benefit for you as you had understand the whole concept of web design and you could create a design that the people are looking for.

By understanding all of the reason above in knowing the exact reason why WordPress should be the most ideal option for the web design beginner, it should not be a problem, especially for the beginners to try out in creating their personal web design.