The more advanced one generation is, the more competitive every industry gets in getting a job and also in education. Being raised and growing up along with the other people of Generation Z, it is never an easy journey ever since a little child. Those who are in this category are born along the line of 1997 to 2015 and they are officially classified and labelled as Generation Z or the latest generation with the best execution on social media and other technological systems all at once.

The Z gen is termed as the digital natives due to their first introduction to the digital world right after being born. As we can see nowadays, most parents have their own smartphones. Therefore, it is not a foreign sight that these youngsters have to get used to. They are programmed to think that having these gadgets is normal and is a need. They are mostly born during the technology explosions and the peak of social media usage. Other generations, they had to spend years of growing up without these and only manage to see the invention when they are older. This generation is known to be very adaptable to changes and advancements, to compare to the boomers and millennials who are kind of a bit stuck in the olden age of the past. We can see a lot of changes even in the games. With the existence of gadgets, a lot of activities are converted into virtual reality mode. Nowadays, you can play casino at home by downloading mega888 on your smartphone. If you wish to exercise but you do not have a crowd with you, you can easily engage into live mode on social media to get more to join in. 

There are a lot of things Gen Z are good at. One of the most inspiring things is that they are known to be a very diverse group and they further celebrate diversely differentiating opinions and views openly. We can predominantly see this in the United States as Gen Z is racially diverse and it is in their blood to be amongst people of different ethnicities. During their growing up days, many of the issues centralizing races are put towards. One of them is the selection of the first ever Black president. Gender issues are also the stand they firmly take to legalize it. 

Despite all the positive and exemplary characteristics, the Z generation in Malaysia and internationally faces a lot of challenges mentally. Because of the world they live in, they are subjected to being aware of the harsh reality at an early age. This impacts them mentally. They are also the most frequent users of social media. As we all know, there are many negatives that are easily spread on this virtual space. Because of this, the young generation can be super inflicted due to the hate they receive from strangers. Many mental health advocates have stepped up their games in trying to extend the best help to the youngsters so that they know they are never in the dark alone by themselves.