As more and deeper researches are being done into cancer stem cells, the evidences suggest that cancer stem cells play a critical role in promoting tumor growth, malignant progression, therapeutic resistance and tumor recurrence.  These very reasons have them a target for researchers to develop new treatments in order to combat them.

Thus, Lerner Research Institute announced recently about the formation of the new cancer stem cells research entity, Center For Cancer Stem Cell Research, the goal of this research center establishment is to have a better understanding of CSC, the subset of cancer cells that particularly aggressive and resistant to treatment.

The new research center will become the new home for many Lerner researchers as well as from Taussig Cancer Institutes to study the role of CSC in  cancers of brain, colon, rectum, breast, lung, bone marrow and more.

Bolstering The Portfolio And Efforts

With the establishment of the new research center that is solely dedicated into researching CSC, it is greatly hope to help collaboration and expedite from research to clinical trials stage. Example, a finding from laboratory of Shindeng Bao, PhD, the center’s Director, is now in clinical trial stage, which demonstrates the scientific and clinical impact Center For Cancer Stem Cell Research will have.

The very same lab also discovered that ibrunitib, a type of drug which has been approved by the U.S Food And Drug Administration to treat lymphoma and leukemia, may be effective in treating glioblastoma (GBM), the most lethal primary brain tumor by targeting CSC related pathway. The research immediately moved from lab to clinical trial in order to test ibrunitib effective treating GMB when combined together with radiation or chemotherapy.