Affiliate marketing is pretty useful for online merchants especially for looking for traffic and earning revenue. However, your revenue and income still anchors on the performance of your site, as marketers can only do so much to promoting your brand. You can do more substantial things that benefit your ecommerce site.

Take a look at these tips and suggestions that can improve the progress of your ecommerce business after you engage an ecommerce website design company.

Get the word out there

No fire, no smoke. The internet never stops working, but don’t just leave the work to it when it comes to your business. Your customers won’t know about your ecommerce site unless you grow awareness to it. These are a few ways:

Enlist Bloggers

Having reviews about your products is valuable, but it’s not enough. A great way is to get influencers or bloggers to make a write up about your product or service. Contact them through social media or email and introduce your business and your offer. Ask if they are willing to write their opinion or review of your product from you shop, in exchange for one. Bloggers usually accept these as it lets them try products from a lot of industries.

E-commerce sites need shopping widgets

The rule of thumb for e-commerce websites – it should be simple to navigate and understand, just like the aisles of your supermarket – easing the way of shoppers as it want to be. Include widgets like search boxes, calculators and shopping carts to make it easier for your customers to shop. Add social media share buttons to your site to increase promotion and a convenient way to share your site to their friends. A shopping experience that’s wonderful is what customers share in their stories.

The choice should be fun

The nightmare of shoppers when going to physical stores is the lack of the specific color and size of the item that they want. Change this with your e-commerce site by having a comprehensive catalogue. Give your customers a more pleasant shopping experience by making sure your shopping cart has specific details of the item like color, size, and availability. Include also options like gender, price range and purpose. With this, you are giving them everything at the tip of their fingers.

Display Ads

Banner ads with your brand and logo are the evidence of advertising strategy even through online. Create ads that should be relevant to consumers according to its season, you are making it to be more successful and appealing. Whether it’s wrapping gifts or free delivery service, create powerful and creative ads and offer something that can make the shopping process is easier for your customers. And if you can afford ad spaces on top rank sites, do yourself a favor and post there!

E-commerce SEO Strategies

After sprucing up your website’s façade, let’s get down to the important stuff. These are some techniques for SEO that can make your site to be more customer friendly and increase its revenue.

Architecture is important for your site

Having good architecture of your site and optimizing it by making easier navigation and helps your website to be ranked better in search engines. Get a clear idea how to refurbish your site by studying the industry leaders’ sites and niche bloggers; and examine all techniques, for you to place it to your site.

Optimization should be conducted on your page

Optimizing your page is hard, but more traffic can be driven to your website. Enhance the key elements of your site to help search engines index and rank it, to identify where the results of website appears in. The process covers up site architecture, optimization of your keywords, features for social media, and links and all over related content.

Go mobile

Websites are now launching mobile versions to cater on the demand of the smartphone users. It conveniently enables customers to go shop in your store wherever, whenever. But keep in mind that if your site won’t load on your customer’s devices fast and properly, they will most likely go to your competitors, which means your mobile site needs to be optimized.

Create a blog

Having a great write up with proper keywords for your products is a must. Besides, there is an advantage to having a blog because you can share important content, useful information about your products and reviews, updates in your store, etc.


Having an ecommerce site is just like having an actual store. You need to ensure that your customers see is to be pleasant and what they don’t, especially on the overall construction of your website, it should be responsive.