Nursing college in Malaysia?¬†Computer science? Music? Digital marketing? Don’t let your lack of choice lead you to a generic subject in which thousands of other students will graduate. Trust that your ideal path exists someplace; you just haven’t discovered it yet. Choosing a unique course allows you to stand out and graduate with a clear speciality that aligns with your personality, priorities, and personal ambitions. Here are some of the most unusual postgraduate and undergraduate courses to help you find some less-travelled academic paths.


  • Manga Studies

Kyoto Seika University can be your dream university if you’re a manga enthusiast. In 2006, the institution became the first faculty in Japan to teach manga, and it has since become a global centre for manga scholarship.


  • Viticulture and Oenology

We didn’t know what these terms meant either, but it turns out they’re both related to the drinking of alcoholic beverages. A BSc (Hons) degree in Wine from Plumpton College teaches you everything you need to know about grape farming and winemaking and is said to prepare you for a job in the industry. While some graduates have gone on to work as vineyard managers, winemakers, and other related positions, if you still can’t get enough of the subject, you can pursue an MA or PhD in it.

Nursing college in Malaysia

  • Spacecraft Design

This frightening two-year school at Sweden’s northernmost town, Lulea University of Technology, will teach you how to design a spacecraft, including how to integrate complicated technical systems that must work in the most foreign environment of all: space. The course takes place in Kiruna, Sweden’s space capital, just north of the Arctic Circle… As you learn how to develop spaceships, you’ll get to see the midnight sun and the polar darkness!


  • Folklore Studies

This might be the course for you if you’re interested in the supernatural or want to brush up on your understanding of old witches. The University of Hertfordshire’s master’s in folklore studies investigates the origins of various folklore rituals that persist today, such as carving pumpkins, blowing out birthday candles, and putting “love locks” on bridges.


  • Digital Mapping

The current union of traditional mapmaking and technology is known as digital mapping. There has never been a period in human history when cartographers who can depict the world around us were not needed. However, mapmaking may be more important than ever in the twenty-first century. Digital mapping is crucial to everything from Google Maps, which maps every inch of the globe, to Homeland Security, which uses data to detect patterns and locate risks. This multidisciplinary study combines geography, computer science, design, and other disciplines to develop new and practical methods to organise our world.


  • Horology

The Horology degree at Birmingham City University is thought to be one of the few programmes of its kind, with students devoting their time to… well, time. You could set yourself up for a wonderful career in the luxury watch industry by combining the art and science of time measurement, or you could even foster your inner entrepreneur and create your own time-related firm. Time is a valuable commodity.