It is the job a wedding planner to coordinate the many details and aspects of a wedding of the bride and groom. From securing a wedding venue and theme to choosing an appropriate dress and catering menu, it is her job to make sure that everything goes smoothly. The job may seem glamorous, but it requires plenty of hard work, patience, organization, energy, creativity and self-confidence.

Wedding Planner Job Description

A wedding planner can operate as an independent contractor, or under a specific event or professional wedding event management company. They are hired for both big and small jobs of different budgets and flexibility. Part of their task is to help the couple finalize the details regarding the wedding location, flowers, clothing, catering, entertainment and decorations. Furthermore, she handles vendor negotiations and logistics. Overall, a wedding planner manages all the details of a wedding so the couple can enjoy their special day.

Wedding Planner Pros

A wedding planner can tack a percentage on to the primary wedding expenditures, or charge a flat fee for her services. Therefore the bigger and the more elaborate a wedding is, the higher her earnings will be. There are also travel opportunities—in case the wedding will be held in exotic locations. The travel costs will be covered as a fraction of her operating expenses.

Do you enjoy organizing and planning events? Do you enjoy all the stress and meticulous work that come with it? If yes, then maybe you’ll enjoy this profession. 

The Cons of Being a Wedding Planner

A wedding planner should be able to handle stressful situations between the couple’s extended families. She needs to have great people skills, and handle competing point of views of various individuals. Part of her job is to make sure that the bride and groom’s goals are met throughout the overwhelming wedding planning process. Every wedding planner is expected to handle unexpected issues efficiently.

A Wedding Planner’s Required Skills

If you want to be a wedding planner, you must be good communicator, and be able to get along with several personality types. You need to keep the wedding celebration focused and calm, from the pre-planning stage until the day of the occasion. A great wedding planner should be able to build and grow good relationships with other professionals within the industry, such as vendors and suppliers.

A good education, or background in event planning, interpersonal communication, business management or any related field can help you prepare for a wedding planning career. Interning with an experienced wedding planner is a perfect way to start.