1. Mismanagement of Outsourced Suppliers

Outsourcing is always a good idea. A hardworking person can multitask, but no one is an expert on everything. You just need to remember that when it comes to outsourcing, abdication and delegation are two different things.

2. Website Design Glitches Galore

It is difficult for someone who is not a website designer nor in a web design agency to spot a good design, from a bad one. There are several ways in which a specific web design can be considered bad. Below are a few issues that can arise:

• Full-Text Justification. Don’t let everything look cluttered and messy.
• Poor Legibility. This happens when individuals utilize colors with no sufficient contract between the background and the text.
• Poor-Quality Images. Don’t just upload low-quality images from your phone.
• Including massive gaps in between paragraphs. Make sure to double check the text and extra spaces.

3. Setting Up The Website in a Short Amount of TimeLerning Clock 2 by frankes

When it comes to website creation, some people would hire an experienced website designer, others would resort to the DIY route. Whatever they choose, they often underestimate the time, planning, thought, talent and care an efficient website requires.

If you want a new website, plan it many months ahead of time. This would allow you to organize a timeline, and manage the resources available. Make time to think through matters, from wireframing, coding and design, to content, refinements and evaluation. Rushing always creates serious issues.

4. UX Issues

Confusion always exists between UI and UX design. However, fast and hard rules fail to apply in website design. These are some of the issues that are often encountered:

• Poor template selection. How will your content and images fit? Finalize all the details first before purchasing a new theme.
• Failure to make the links, into links. Don’t forget to make it hyperlinks.
• Utilizing each item from the theme.
• Not checking the site on mobile devices.
• No social media pages links

5. Poor Speed and SEO OptimizationRemix of Loading Spinner handcoded by Manuela.

Every website owner wants to generate more and more traffic. There are various ways to improve your website’s speed.

Below are the details you should check on your website:

• Create a Google My Business profile.
• List down all the WordPress plug-ins you can use in your website.
• Optimize all the images in your website.
• There is always room for improvement!