Hey copywriting work may sounds and looks easy on the surface, but hell, it is one hell of hard work, i tell you folks! People often be like “it’s just seo content, you just sit there, and write. How hard can it be?”. Heck, copywriters do more than just sit and write, we have to think outside the box, creatively every single day and that, my friends, takes out a huge portion of our soul.

Nowadays it has become even more complicated and competitive thanks to the Internet. Merely creatively writes won’t just suffice anymore, you need to write something enticing, something that will pique people’s interest and you must know how to spread the words throughout the Internet, especially when you’re copywriting for Adwords, and want to engage a seo company. And that’s what we are going to take a look at today, my friends.

Without further delays, here are 5 hacks that will help your copywriting for Adwords!

End Your Writing With Exclamation Mark

When done writing a hook sentence for Adword, make sure to add exclamation mark at the end of it. This is because the exclamation mark or symbol will add to the perceived volume of ad voice and this will increase the CTR of your add by 7%.

Another thing is, Google seems to able detect this little mark and its usefulness in attracting attention. Oh, and when it detects exclamation mark at the end of the sentence, gives control on how your ads is actually display in top spots.

But! You can only use once, and only in description line. You can’t use it in the header or the URL. Only within the description line!

You can further adjust the positioning of exclamation point by moving it to the end of the first line, on a different call to action within the ad, or out of the ad altogether.

Next is, should your sentence has no punctuation mark, the ad top line will then only uses ad headline. But if you add exclamation mark or a period (even though it won’t show in the ad) at the end of the first copy line, the ad will display longer headline, which will stand out more and grabs more attention and clicks.

Add Your Official Site To The URL Display

You ever notice that green display text? The one appear within your add? Well, that’s you address.

Having a good URL will increase click through rate and conversion rate as well. This in turn will improve your quality score and move your ads to pop higher page in search results or lets you less for every click.

Why add official site to your URL? Well, when official site in your display URL, is a signal that the click will lead to website and which in turns, increase CTR (average by 5%).

Adding Sitelink To You Ads

Having sitelinks in your ads shows value and more credibility to potential customers. It also affects the factor of ad rank.

Not to mention having sitelinks will boost your CTR by 10%-20%, addition of another 20%-50% if the search term based on your branded terms.

Though sitelinks have limit to how many characters can be included in them, so here’s where things get a bit tricky. Because you need to write something that is eye catching, and while describing without going over the limit of 25 characters, if you do–then the description will be left hanging because the 26th characters and onward won’t be shown. There is reason for this of course, shorter links are far more effective compared to the long winded ones. So for desktop link try to keep around 19-20 characters and for mobile 12-15 characters.

Include Brand Name In The Headline

This of course, one of the obvious thing to do. Include your brand name in the ad headline for more CTR because it’ll help you reap SERPs and this will give searchers more opportunities to click.

But this doesn’t mean you have to stick with the brand/company name. You might also want to insert product, services or even URL name in the ad headline. This is because branded terms will yield higher quality leads that are near the point of conversion and let you capture them.

Add Keywords To The Display URL

This point is often overlook by most copywriters, why? Because of us tend to have this thought that once all URL, hyperlinks and keywords are inside the article on the page everything is done and suffice.

But we’re living in a competitive world and industry, so it is actually smart move to insert keywords to display URL. Because this will let Google to easily index and categorised your ad. Google will treat the term as relevant part of the message and bolds it just like in the ad copy.

Use dynamic keyword insertion in your display URL to have them shown in the ad. This doesn’t only affect appearance wise, but feed wise. With the keywords inserted within the URL, it’ll be much easier for people to discover your ad copy and this in turn will boost the ad to higher page search results.