1. Pay more attention to your headline.

Google wants keywords in article headlines because these headlines indicate what your blog post is all about. It’s a challenge to write a catchy headline, though. In order for it to be effective, keywords must be used, and the tone must be catchy.

2. When it comes to SEO writing, go for lengthy articles.

According to research, those articles that rank well on Google tend to be more than 1,800 words. Moreover, those content that receives the most social media shares have long forms as well, around 2,000 words. This means there is more work for you, as the SEO writer. Quality content requires more mental energy and time, compared to writing the usual short pieces.

3. Use the right keywords.

Never forget to do keyword research before you begin to write. That way, you can focus more on producing an engaging, quality blog post. The right keywords must be at the top of your mind as you start outlining your blog article.

4. Write for your target audience.

There are plenty of SEO services in Malaysia that can help you with content creation and strategy. But, of course, you should learn the fundamentals of creating content as well. Google favors quality content that many people are looking for, so it can give them to those who need answers.

5. Go easy on anchor text.

See to it that your SEO copywriting content utilizes the right keywords. However, make sure not to go overboard. Address the exact match anchor text properly. The anchor text is the text which is hyperlinked elsewhere, either on another website or externally to another web page. Feel free to use keywords on anchor text sometimes, but not all the time.