High-Impact vs. Low-Impact SEO Actions

There plenty of actions one can take on in a single SEO campaign. However, not each action is built equally. Understanding all of their differences can help you save time, as well as improve your search engine optimization results.

High-Impact SEO Actions to Should Focus On

1. Creating content assets.

The most crucial SEO action is building SEO content assets. Content is the key to implementing an efficient and long-term SEO campaign. Quality content creation will not only drive more traffic to your web pages, this will also help you acquire backlinks. Without compelling content, it would be difficult to get backlinks.

2. Performing content audits.

Several websites owners don’t create quality content with SEO in their minds. If you perform some audits, this will help you determine web pages which are thin, outdated and duplicate. You need to do something about these bad elements.

3. Optimizing website architecture.

Efficient website architecture will definitely help Google crawl your webpages even more effectively. Users will be able to browse your website conveniently and effortlessly. This would even bring backlink equity through your site.

Do you want to make your site more authoritative? Then, develop a good website architecture.

4. Optimizing Technical/UX Performance

SEO ActionsIf you want to gain more website traffic, and boost online presence?

Optimize your website’s user experience performance and technical aspects. Remember to focus on these high-impact tasks, alongside loading speed, indexing, crawling and mobile friendliness.

5. Acquiring Backlinks

Backlinks fuel each successful SEO campaign. Trust me, you would need quality backlinks in each SEO scenario. What is the most scalable way to get links, then? You need to utilize a content-centric technique.

4 Low-Impact SEO Actions to Avoid

1. Rewriting meta descriptions, alt tags and other elements

Rewriting alt tags, meta descriptions and broken links are considered as low-impact actions. Anyone who can accomplish these tasks with little thought, guidance and effort.

2. Caring About Keyword Density

Some people think that spending too much time manipulating or thinking about keyword density is a waste of time. You just need to place target keywords in URLs, title tags and first sentences. What you need to focus on is high-quality content creation.

3. Acquiring Non-Editorial Backlinks

You don’t need to spend too much time acquiring non-editorial backlinks like signature links, profile links and other submission-based links. A good percentage of these links are a total waste of time, and can have little impact on your outcome.
SEO Actions4. Caring Too Much About Third Party Metrics
Dealing with third party metrics should be always at the bottom of your to-do list. Remember, the only KPI that you should focus on when it comes to search engine optimization performance is organic search web traffic.