Looking for a job that suits your career prospects? There are several jobs available in various industries that allow you to work on or near the water. Some occupations need some degree and experience, whilst others are entry-level. If you enjoy the water, knowing about several occupations that include the ocean or marine life might help you decide if one is a suitable fit for you.

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There is a lot to discover when it comes to ocean and marine life. Natural resources like oil and gas, the floating hose maintenance, sea creatures, coral reefs and a lot more. Here are some marine careers that you can consider to apply after you have graduated:

  1.       Commercial Divers

Being a commercial diver sounds interesting because you will get to dive into the ocean and see beautiful creatures there. But that is not the only thing that a commercial diver would do. commercial divers are responsible to inspect, install, repair, and remove underwater items. They frequently collaborate with police agencies, construction firms, and other businesses.

In addition to repairing and installing items, they may be required to capture photographs or films of these underwater areas in order to produce development designs or sometimes take pictures of underwater creatures. In order to do so, they will wear scuba diving gears to do things underwater. It requires a lot of practice and experience to become a commercial diver.

  1.       Marine biologist

If you are interested to study deeper about the ocean, being a marine biologist might be the best choice for you. A marine biologist is someone who studies the ocean and its diverse sea life, which ranges from the smallest microplankton to the largest whales.

To be a marine biologist, they have to at least have a bachelor’s degree in zoology or wildlife biology since they will be dealing with sea creatures. They undertake research in either controlled or natural settings to examine the traits, reproduction, and movement patterns of marine species.

  1.       Naval architect

An architect will design houses and buildings but naval architects will not design any underwater house for you. Naval architects are the person who is responsible for designing ships from all ranges of sizes and various functionalities. This job will need your hands-on experience, so find any place that offers any hands-on courses related to naval architecture.

As the ships are done, naval architects are the ones who are responsible to review the ship’s performance both at sea and in port, making adjustments as needed to maintain safety and compliance with national and international regulations.

  1.       Ocean engineer

I believe not everyone has heard of ocean engineers. Being an ocean engineer allows you to explore everything from the ocean’s depths to its wide expanse, all based on your technological abilities. Engineers with a passion for water and technical expertise have a number of options for marine jobs in ocean engineering.

In some cases, ocean engineers are responsible for handling tools and equipment for oceanographers and marine biologists. Making sure that the machines or equipment that they have built can withstand the saltwater and strong waves.

Working underwater is very challenging because it is not our nature to be living there but it can be very enjoyable if you really like your job.