What business owners need to do is manifest their brand and ideals into their business space seamlessly without looking over-the-top. To create interior design looks that embodies the brand attributes in a space, so that when customers walk in they will immediately recognise and experience the attributes of the business brand.


Utilize colours to represent and communicate the brand to customers, society, employees, and stakeholders. The colours will represent the brand, for example, if the brand is ‘fun’ and ‘young’ the designers will utilized bright and energetic colours to convey that message.


Lighting manipulation is also applied in brand architecture to set the mood and theme of a brand. Lighting can create the atmosphere and experience that you wish your customers to feel when they walk into your business space. For example you can make your customers feel refreshed or restful when they enter your business space.

The Steps To Take In Brand Interior Architecture

Firstly, get the rough or initial ideas and relate them to your business philosophy and the core of your business, in terms of aesthetic and functions. Also take look at other details such as website (if they have one), products, logo, and printed materials such as brochures or flyers to determine whether if you already have a core or signature that is needed to be incorporated in the interior design architecture. If not, create one that is unique to your business alone so that every time people thought or see an item related with your business, they’ll be reminded of your business because the unique logo is burned into their minds. 

Then,  put up and create illustration board that shows the details of brand features through interior design and contains descriptive words, photos of other interiors, colours, and art. So then feedback may be put on the board, to smooth out all the ideas.

Finally, draw the design features, pick colours, lighting style, furniture, and artwork similar to the photos on the illustration board. Go to the site and see if the design illustrations fit the space it will be apply to, if not, you can some changes till it becomes suitable.