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Dr. Ronald Virag is a French Cardiovascular surgeon that spearheaded the movement in giving men with erectile dysfunctions certain injections to ensure that their penis still works as intended. In other words, he is an expert on the topic of virility.

According to Virag, men actually start experiencing erectile dysfunctions in their 30s, though the prevalence rate is only low at 10%. However, it starts to ramp up when
males reach their 40s as their male reproductive systems are no longer capable of producing a lot of testosterone- the main male hormone.

Men can certainly delay the effects of aging by using different men’s health supplements, though. Today, I will go over some of Dr. Virag’s statements that will help you maintain a man’s virility.

Why Men Lose Their Edge as They Grow Older

As men grow older, their energy levels start to dip. This usually means that the vast majority of men are no longer able to keep up with the physical demands of life and may lead a sedentary life as a result.

Non-use of their bodies in a more physical way can lead to a lot of different health complications, including an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, arthritis,
and so much more.

When they reach the age of 40, the vessels and the tissues around their penises will be filled with fatty deposits which may lead to poor blood flow in the said organ. This will lead to erectile dysfunction.

Men in their 40s will start to experience lower levels of testosterone, mainly because their testicles are no longer able to produce the ‘recommended’ levels of the said hormone.

However, Dr. Virag and his group of researchers did find out that the more sexually active the man is, the better their erections will be even as they grow old. To coin what
Dr. Virag said, ‘use it or lost it’.

Virility and Health

A man’s virility is actually a great sign of good health. The more sexually active the man is, the less likely they are to get certain life-threatening conditions like cardiovascular
disease and diabetes.

For instance, men who have diabetes have much higher blood sugar levels. This not only destroys your other organs but it also ensures that there is not enough blood flow toward your penis, which will affect the quality and frequency of your erections.

Some diseases can help lead to erectile dysfunction which is defined by a man’s inability to hold erections for a considerable amount of time. Blockage in certain arteries
is one of the causes of this, as well as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Some are predisposed to this condition, but they are the minority.

Quality Sleep is the Key

Did you know that men actually experience a lot of frequent erections during their sleep? According to Dr. Virag, erections typically occur during the REM phase of sleep (also known as Rapid Eye Movement).

Normally, when people have a ‘good night’s sleep’, they typically undergo 4-5 sleep cycles. Men usually end up on the REM phase which is why morning wood or morning erections happen.

The reason why getting good quality sleep helps with erections is that it can help loosen up the blood vessels, allowing for better blood flow all throughout.