According to a Google report, the search term ‘Influencer Marketing’ has been used extensively over the past year. In fact, it has seen an increase of about 325% during the course of just one year. Despite the fact that a lot of people have been searching for influencer marketing, only 29% of influencers are using affiliate tracking links, at least, according to a report by eConsultancy.
Now, would-be social media influencers should know that affiliate marketing is always going to be an important part of their success. Without it, they won’t be able to market affiliate products in Malaysia in the best way possible.
Below are some reasons why Influencer marketing can be improved by affiliate marketing:

Helps Build Strong Relationships through ROI

We now live in a world where affiliate marketers can only gain commissions based on the number of sales they get through the promotion of different products.
How does this relate to influencer marketing, then? Well, if the influencer is able to generate a lot of income through marketing, it can help them build a strong network wherein they will always get hired by online entrepreneurs because of their ability to produce a high return on investment.

Helps Generate a New Income Stream

Influencer marketing has become a great thing nowadays because of the fact that a lot of people frequently use different social media platforms. That being said, influencers would still have to spend a lot of money in the process, especially if they are still relatively new to the field.
However, with affiliate marketing, influencers can use affiliate tracking links in order for them to generate an additional income stream. These special links would direct users to websites that offer different products that they might need (and will ultimately purchase).

Work Using Innovative Technology

The beauty of affiliate marketing is that influencers are given new tools every year. For instance, Awin provides influencers with what is known as coupon attribution which would allow marketers to provide their audience with exclusive coupon codes that they can use to help entice them to buy the things that they’ve promoted.
This feature not only rewards the influencer based on its usage but it can also be used in a variety of different ways as well.

Helps You Connect with Other Advertisers Easily

Advertisers, in this context, are online entrepreneurs who are looking for possible affiliates they can work with. If you are a publisher or an affiliate marketer, you can have access to different advertisers simply by signing up to an affiliate network.
Assuming that you are a publisher, you can look for different advertisers and their affiliate programs and choose the ones that you think are best for you. Furthermore, you are given a lot of information for every program out there so that you will know how much you are paid, how you are getting paid, and when you are getting paid.
Furthermore, joining in such a network would allow you to build relationships with other publishers, as well as more well-established brands.