Jumping into e-commerce business meaning you have to deal all the digital and tech stuffs this includes the way you’re going to market the e-commerce website company. Getting e-commerce out there can be bit a hard, especially when you do not know the right way to do it. You might even ended up hurting the e-commerce business itself.

One of first thing and step to do is to know how to make great contents that will attract customers to your e-commerce website and retaining them. A great content not only engaging but allows customers to feel they’re connected with your business. Contents on your website play an important role on determining the number of sales you can get.

With Great Contents, Come Great Sales

An e-commerce website without great contents makes for a poor e-commerce website, i mean, yeah you’re selling products and stuffs but those products, promotions etc. can only do so much to boost the sales, this where contents come in.

Instead of posting advertisement of your products all the time, what about you create contents that talk about not only what you’re selling but updates, tips, and new– something that will get everyone talking.  When people know there is more than just products, people will visit your website more often and tempted into buying your products, two birds with one stone, eh?

If you don’t want to many things to clutter your e-commerce website you can always create a social media page like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to upload your posts. Just put a widget link of the social media that choke full of contents on your main e-commerce website.

But! You can’t just willy-nilly create contents, like mentioned above, the contents created must suit with the targeted audience–this may be a review, testimony, or news which will grab the attention of visiting customers, thus giving  off the effect of lingering awareness, especially when you put up huge promotion banner or some sort of offer on the main page. It is known fact that two third of new visitors customers won’t visit the same website again, unless your website able to make a pitch that is convincing enough. Though on average visitors will visit five times before committing to a purchase (this is not fixed, based on the average) on your e-commerce website, this because they will compare the quality of services and the price range on your website with other websites, so if you make a good enough pitch with your contents, sales should be flowing constantly if not abundantly.

The Humming Little Birdie

Another thing to be mindful of is contents type on your website, focus and narrow it down to one single topic, type, and subject as this will tell people what your website is all about and lets Google detect, rank, and index the website and it’s content easily. This thanks to Google new algorithm update codenamed “Hummingbird” which was introduced back in 2013, it focuses more on the context of different words together rather than focuses on few words, this resulted in better pages matching. So make sure you focus a single topic at all time, well you can throw in something else but make sure you still relate it to your business niche AND write, and include keywords in your contents naturally a.k.a coherently, not forcefully because forceful keywords insertion will stand out like a sore thumb and people going to be like “What is this gibberish?” and Google be like “Hell, this seems like a bot generated” thus your content will be hard ran–heck, the website might even get suspended, especially you only have contents on the website.

Great Contents And All But Don’t Forget Your Dose Of SEO

Yeayyy! Now you have contents, great ones no less! Don’t trigger happy just yet, you’re maybe busier and receiving more traffics that it used to but it doesn’t seem that your e-commerce website going places…yet.

Hey just leaving your pretty little looking contents to float around on it’s own just not going to work, what you need to do is give it the magic touch of SEO. SEO a.k.a Search Engine Optimiser what makes contents, blogs, websites and other sorts go places and discovered by people.

Lookup for the right using various keywords tools, then see which has the best chance of scoring traffics to your website. Don’t forget to put in those keywords in your website meta titles and descriptions, and within the contents littered on your websites. What are said here are just the basic of SEO, i’ll cover this topic in more details for you folks in the next article *winks*