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Is your website growing fast? That is amazing news. However, growing storage and traffic might
put a strain at your current bandwidth. Furthermore, as your traffic, reputation and sales grow,
potential security threats might arise.
At this point, maybe you need to ask yourself this important question–do you need to shift to
dedicated hosting?
How different is dedicated hosting from other types of hosting?
Several websites begin with reliable shared hosting plans. That is the most affordable and
practical choice for those platforms that don’t get that much traffic. It works perfectly fine for
starters. However, if some websites on that same server started getting heavy traffic, your
website may experience slow loading times.
As a website grows complexity and popularity, sharing many resources becomes difficult. That’s
when you upgrade to a new web hosting plan.

Do you need dedicated hosting?

How do you know that it is web hosting you need for your website? Feel free to read web
hosting reviews in Malaysia. Improve your knowledge on this matter before finalizing the deal
with a web hosting provider. Here are the primary warning signs that suggest that it’s time for
you to upgrade to a dedicated hosting plan.

1. You are running out of storage space.

You don’t need to worry about this if you are just starting out. However, as your platform grows,
the need to include additional pages and media files arise. Some even need to include advanced
features such as contact forms. If you have huge plans for your growing website, consider
shifting to a web hosting plan.

2. Your website is loading too slowly.

Website speed is crucial to your success in the digital landscape. A slow-loading website would
hurt your search engine optimization rankings, and that can result to fewer visitors. Speed is one
of the most important factors in choosing a hosting plan and company. You should go for a plan
that is completely suitable the amount of traffic you get.

3. You’re worried about hackers and other kinds of cyberattacks.

A dedicated hosting plan can easily improve your website security. When you share one server
with other websites, your platform becomes more vulnerable of DDoS attacks and hacking. The
more profitable and popular your website gets, the more crucial it becomes to lessen the risks
and keep the website working well. A reliable dedicated server can lessen your vulnerability.