Using pop colours in home makeover is the easiest way to jazz up your space. Swap the greys and blues for tangerine, orange and pink shades of lightness. Spread your brightest tablecloths and colorful tapes to set your mood with friends for long, comfortable sessions. Use joyful bed covers and cushion in the bedroom.

Use Flowers

Use colorful vases. We fill with fresh flowers. Our pick would be a typical urli with a brass. DIY: Use empty wine bottles as vases, fill it with water and fresh jasmine or orange marigold and floating candles,

Light Curtains

Stay rid of heavy drapery, and instead indulge in sheer fabrics. Say no to velvets, jacquards and cotton that can soak up moisture and make a musty house. It also darkens the living space. Invest in lace curtains that allow streaming sunlight, keeping your room bright and airy.

Let the Air Sing

Hang wind chimes by the window to add a melodious note to your home. Consider it a fun activity with your family coming together to consider a chime from scratch. Bamboo wind chimes can be used on the balcony, while aluminum or other metal chimes will be perfect near windows.

Be Fragrant

To make your home smell enchanting, fragrant candles, diffusers are also a great way to. Place candles on your centre-table with some accent pieces on a stylish tray.

Redo Outdoor Space

If you want to enjoy the rain, redo your outdoor lounge space in the comfort of your home. To create a makeshift tea area, cover it with canopies and umbrellas. Leave a basket for umbrellas at your front door as a fun decor accent.

Add Lights

With some fancy ceiling lights or standing floor lamps, amp up those dark corners. Gala says good lighting in the gloomy weather will make much of a difference. Go for a shimmering lampshade.