Whether you are running a personal blog, a business website or a full-service digital agency, tracking keyword search rankings is crucial. What are the most efficient tools that can help you monitor your keywords? Well, you have a wide variety of choices—both free and paid. Here is a list of reliable monitoring tools that you can consider.

Free Monitoring Tools

1.Web CEO

This monitoring tool and the best seo services packages can help you compare your results to that of your competitors—side by side. It also provides an efficient way of viewing ranking history.

2.Rank Checker by SEOBook

Rank Checker is one of the most useful keyword monitoring tools. It is a Firefox extension, and lets you view your rankings in Google, Bing and Yahoo. Moreover, it helps you add up to 100 relevant keywords, and then export them conveniently to analyze the outcome.

Paid Monitoring Tools

3.Get Stat

Get Stat allows you to access unlimited rank tracking on a daily basis. You are free to monitor as many keywords as possible, and you will only pay for those you need. The result? You can stay at the peak of algorithm changes.


This tool helps you track thousands of keywords every single day. No matter what language, location, search engine or device you are using, you will be able to track your keywords efficiently. Through this daily data, you can stay on top of the major ranking changes, and utilize the keyword tagging system.


Tracking search rankings is more than understanding on-page SEO. SEMrush can assist you in this meticulous work. You can do efficient SEO audit, position tracking, backlink audit and competitive intelligence work. If you want to view which types of products are selling well for your competitors, then this tool is perfect for you.

6.Moz Pro

Let Moz Pro help you understand your website visitors. Trust me, it can automate tasks that would usually take several hours to accomplish. It provides an overview of all keyword research metrics, allowing you to make strategic decisions along the process.


Ahrefs Rank Tracker checks your website rankings from any device and location. Do you want to look into your mobile and desktop rankings? Ahrefs can plot the keywords in an organized manner, so you can view the complete history of each position.

8.SE Ranking

SE Ranking is a reliable cloud-based SEO app that can strengthen your SEO initiatives in no time. If you don’t want to shed some cash at first, don’t worry, you will be allowed to use it on a free trial. It provides efficient keyword ranking checkers from YouTube, Google, Yahoo and Bing.


SerpBook provides quality tracking services YouTube, Google, Bing, Yahoo and Google Maps. Do you want to test it first, before paying? You can have it on a free trial for 14 days. It allows you to turn important data into detailed reports in a matter of minutes. You can also configure relevant keywords in just a short time.

10.Agency Analytics

Agency Analytics is created exclusively for digital agencies. However, if you don’t own a digital agency, don’t hesitate to test out its capabilities. This powerful platform costs only $49 every month, and used by more than 2,000 marketing firms.

11.Rank Tracker

Rank Tracker is capable of monitoring all of your keywords across different search engines. It automatically converts it to a concise and clear report.

12.SEO Ranking Monitor

SEO Ranking Monitor is a dependable tool that allows users to select which specific search engine they want to monitor. This includes Google’s local versions. Moreover, it lets you compare your own rankings with that of your competitors.