There are too many categories, genres and themes to identify in the world of manhwa/manga, such as action, fantasy, action, boy’s love and so on. However, they all have one element in particular. That’d be romance since there is a lot of love stories among the characters in each category. As per the webtoon application, it has simply become the most popular genre. Although most romantic manhwa are aimed at Gen Z teens, we’ve encountered some that are aimed at adults. Therefore, if you’re looking for romance manhwa that appeal to you, you’ve come to the correct place. We’ll provide you access to a unique collection of romance manhwa that you won’t find anywhere else which will be great after an exhausting day working at a web design company in Malaysia.


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  • I Love Yoo

Quimchee wrote and illustrated the book I Love Yoo. Despite having to grow up in a far less atmosphere, Shin-Ae has opted to live her own life independently. She goes through life not communicating or interacting with anyone until an incident occurs and she gets enmeshed in the existence of two boys. Will the protagonist change or stay the same as a result of her encounters with all these new individuals in her life?


  • You at First Sight

Yechan, a shy young lady, has the unusual ability to understand people’s minds without seeing their faces. As a result, she is unable to communicate with others so she maintains a constant distance. When she meets a male, though, everything changes in an instant. Segye seems to be the only individual whose face she can see, but she has no idea who he is. Despite the fact that he is a single individual, her entire life is twisted from this point forward. Who wonders where such a manhwa romance will lead you?


  • What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?

Jeong Gyeong Yun wrote What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, which was drawn by Kim Myeongmi. It was inspired by the same-named novel from 2013. The story was so successful that it generated a manhwa as well as a 16-episode Korean serial that broadcast in 2018 from June 6 until July 26. When the great secretary Miso to the narcissist vice-chairman Lee Young-Joon’s, chooses to depart from the organization after nine years, tensions erupt between both of them as he develops affections for her and tries to prevent her from departing. It’s for you if you appreciate romantic comedy about a manager and his staff.


  • Super Secret

A funny storey of romance and friendship set in a world where mythical creatures live alongside you. Ryan and  Emma have been close friends since they were children, and they also happen to live close. Emma is a naive young lady who needs special attention. Ryan and his family, luckily, have always been there for her. Emma is unaware, however, that they are all extraordinary beings! And what about Ryan? He’s a werewolf, after all.


  • Tower of God

Climb the tower to make your wish come true. Each floor of the tower introduces new problems and assignments, but Baam, the main character, is prepared to complete all of them in order to reach the summit.