The Numbers of The Beast

The roulette has another nickname, which is called the ‘Devils Wheel’. It’s partly due to the fact that its propensity to send players to hell (especially their wallets), the numbers of the wheel add up to 666 – the number of a mythical creature. Its notoriety remains the same whether physical roulette or online roulette game like 918kiss or others like it.

Roly Poly Inspiration

The term roulette comes from the French term called ‘little wheel’ and is believed to have been inspired by a French mathematician AND scientist Blaise Pascal. He is the one who came up with the field of probability and invented the same device to the roulette wheel back in 1657.

Ashley Revell 

This man wins despite having so many odds against him. He literally sold all of his possessions worth more than $135,000, he bet all of them in a hotel called Plaza Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. What’s more amazing to this story is the fact that Ashley ended winning! After getting all that money, he used it to set up an online poker company called Poker UTD, which eventually went out of business in 2012. How ironic.

“California Roulette”

Since the wheel is a vital asset of a roulette, this would make the game illegal in California. There are some clever casinos that have found a way around the law by offering “California Roulette”, which is played with cards and not a spinning wheel and a ball.

No drinks at the table, please

If you’ve been to casinos and observed the surroundings of the gambling areas, you’ll realize how many people placed their drinks on the gambling table. Drinks are actually prohibited within the gambling area. So next time you want to go and gamble, make sure you drink before or after the game.

17 and 22

Do you know the number 17 is a commonly known  number on the roulette? The reason is because that particular number is a favorite by none other than James Bond himself. Another popular number would be 22 – it’s famously associated with a scene in a casino and not only that, the number pops up in movies such as Indecent Proposal and Lost in America.