Behind every successful event is an efficient marketing strategy that is carefully thought by event management solutions. If you are not yet sure about how to market your special occasion, read the following tips. Don’t worry, you don’t need a big endorsement and an immense advertising budget.

1. Begin with an effective event page.

The starting points of your promotional tactics must be the event’s website and social media profiles. Why not make a simple website that is dedicated solely for the occasion? If you lack time, you may want to utilize your social media pages—that would be easier to set up.

  • Take note of the following details. Make sure to incorporate these elements. And put a prominent “Register Now!” Button
  • List a compelling event description
  • Post speaker biographies and pictures
  • Event-themed videos

2. Send pre-event emails.

Do you have an existing email list? If yes, then email marketing blitz might be your new favorite channel. However, if you don’t have any, you can ask partners, friends and speakers to list down their contact details.

Utilize the following event email marketing points:

  • Use social proof and reviews. If you gain positive comments from a previous event, make sure that positive review is included in your emails.
  • If needed, resend the email several times. This is one of the most effective ways to communicate your registration discounts of early birds.
  • Write an engaging and exciting subject.
  • Send emails during the weekend.
  • Include a video thumbnail.

3. Use all social media channels.

Use the power of social media. If possible, use the top 15 social media networks when covering announcements. This intriguing and exciting announcement must be made along with captivating, attention-grabbing content.

4. Dependable vendors must be lined up in advance.

You wouldn’t want to fail in your first ever marketing event. Make sure to organize an event planning directory ahead of time. All the necessary names of suppliers and contractors must be on hand, even before the first meeting with your client. These vendors can help you compare different prices, and get the most affordable packages.

5. Send a news release to industry and media websites.

The world must know about your special event. Start with your local media industry. After all, they let you post your very own announcements. Look for these details at the Google event calendar of your county and city.

Moreover, you can send in press releases to your local radio stations, TV stations and newspaper. Tapping bloggers to blog about your event will also be of great help.

6. Create momentum before and during the event.

Set an official hashtag, and encourage your followers to continuously tweet about the occasion. Make sure that your Snapchat and Instagram accounts are able to capture the celebration’s entire look and feel. Show them the attendees excitedly arriving and waiting in line.

Again, never underestimate the power of social media when it comes to creating buzz and intrigue about a certain occasion. Post on your social media channels. If possible, announce contests and giveaways related to the event.