Since the smartphone’s inception, many apps have been created for a variety of different reasons.

Whether it is for productivity or entertainment, there is always an application for everyone.

The current frontrunner when it comes to popularity is social media apps. These smartphone app development seem to be famous due to the fact that they can do a variety of things such as allowing users to upload photos, sharing posts and other media to their friends, and they can even communicate with their loved ones in real-time using the medium.

However, developers are always striving for new innovation to help keep things fresh. Here are 5 exciting mobile app development trends to look for in 2018:

  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence, per se, is nothing new. However, they have just been implemented a few years ago for use in the app development field.

If you’re wondering how they’re implemented, you might come across some apps that you weren’t sure how to navigate or use it effectively. And then, there will be a chat prompt that will offer some help and advice. That message was not made by a human; it was actually made by a chatbot. That chatbot is part of artificial intelligence.

Also, people want to explore new things and machine learning can help them. Essentially, what this technology does is that “learns” the habits of the user and will make suitable suggestions based on them. Moreover, the app can also allow the user to specify their preferences so that it can automatically make a suggestion from their inputs as well.

  • Online Payments

Back in the day, people have to go to individual establishments just for them to pay their monthly bills. This is so time-consuming and people are mostly frustrated because of this.

However, that has now changed thanks to the emergence of e-commerce apps. You can now easily pay your bills with the use of a particular application. Gone are the hassles of the old days in terms of bill payment.

  • AMP

When there were still no apps that specifically cater to a business and its customers, people would have to rely on the internet to access their web pages. And although that was okay, visiting a page using a browser does not offer the best user experience.

Nowadays, most companies have their own apps for their businesses and what’s good about them is that they’ve employed a new technology called AMP. The acronym stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages and what it does is that it essentially boosts the loading of different pages.

You do not have to wait a long time for them to load and another thing is that these apps are more streamlined and well-designed that it truly enhances the user experience.

  • Security

Although certain security protocols were already implemented before, app developers did not really put too much thought and emphasis on it. Because of that, attackers can easily hack an app and they could steal potentially sensitive information.

Since then, development companies are stricter when it comes to app security. They make it sure that it is much harder to hack and thus, gives the users peace of mind.

  • Virtual and Augmented Reality

Modern apps are now making use of the VR and AR technologies, particularly in the entertainment and gaming industry.

Virtual Reality is simulating a new environment while Augmented reality is introducing elements in the real world. Both offer amazing immersion and that is why a lot of people love the new technology.


It is now important more than ever to keep an eye on new trends and innovations. As an app developer, it is your task to include them in your next applications.