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Here are several tips for students out there especially guys who are still in school or college who wish to look better and stand out from the rest of the students. One of the things that stands out from these younger guys especially if you are going to school, you cannot be afraid of actually dressing up and styling your hair, for hair styling you can consider to head down to one of the best barbershop for help. The fact that your friends might not dress well should not keep you from looking good. Sometimes you dress not to impress other people, but to make yourself look better, to show that you care about the way you look and to improve your confidence in fashion. Moreover, guys would think that they are going to be made fun off if they dress up, but the truth is if they make fun of you because you look good then most probably they are just jealous. These people make it seems like they don’t dress up because they don’t want to but in reality, we know that they don’t dress up because they don’t know how to.

  1. Invest in pieces that you can actually wear over and over again, for example, black jeans. We know that students are usually on a budget. So with black jeans, you can literally wear black jeans three days per week and people will never know. Just try not to wear them back-to-back, but even if you do, you can make your outfits look so different that no one will notice you are wearing the same jeans. The same rule applies to basic t-shirts. Get yourself a t-shirt in black, white and some of your favourite colours so that way you will have a few options in building your outfits.
  2. Don’t wear the same outfit every day. You can wear the same jeans but with a different shirt and accessories, but not the same exact outfit because your friends will notice.
  3. Find the right hairstyles for you and don’t be too messy or too perfect. Too messy is when you look like you did not wash your hair, which is bad and too perfect looks like you are trying too hard. Look for some nice and easy cool hairstyles for your look.
  4. Don’t spend too much money on clothes because you are still young and fashion trends change every once in a while. There is no need to spend your money on that LV Backpack because just like the fashion trends and your style, it will change completely different every year. Invest in basics and classic pieces.