Much like how web design and development, even a building architecture has its theme and design. So an architect always in need of inspirations for his/her best exterior architecture design for assignment from clients.

You’d be surprised to discover that there is actually more than a dozen architecture themes and designs, each will portray and lend unique look and feel to the building using it, making the building stand out from the rest.

In our list below are some of the best and famous architectural design that will strike inspiration for your next project.

St.Petersburg, Russia-Rococo

Head down to St.Petersburg in Russia to marvel at the Rococo, architecture design that was invented at 18th century in France to oppose the symmetrical design of Baroque architecture that came before it and used widely at the time. Both, Rococo and Baroque apply heavy decorations, but the Rococo architecture theme is lighter, subtler and soft compared to the Baroque. Thus, it quickly garnered the attention of most female rulers in St.Petersburg at the time. The most known and famous example is the Catherine Palace, commissioned by Catherine I and was later expanded by her daughter, Empress Elizabeth.

Rome, Italy-Baroque

One of architecture style that is highly dramatic, expressive and decorative adapted by the Romans besides other amazing architectural style; Renaissance, Romanesque, Gothic and many others. The Baroque architectural style is grandiose, opulence and often contrast light and dark—unlike the Rococo, where the architectural style is more light hearted and softer. For the best example of a Baroque architectural style, visit St. Peter’s Square, Santi Luca e Martina or Trevi Fountain.

Istanbul, Turkey-Byzantine/Ottoman

An architectural design that is steeped with histories from the two great empire. Both architecture utilize curves, and geometrical shapes. This architectural style utilizes geometrical shapes, and curves as well as intricate carvings. Be awe when you stepped into Hagia Sophia Mosque, the architectural style will mesmerize you.