We understand that most babies would want to sleep on their parents’ arms every night. As cute as this seems, it is not feasible given that parents would need to sleep as well and you cannot sleep with your baby resting on your body.

So, you want to ditch the baby stroller because you want to put them in the crib, but as first-time parents, you’re probably struggling to put them in one because they would most definitely cry.

What are you going to do then? Here are some helpful tips that will do just that:

1. Your Baby Will Usually Sleep in Your Arms

According to Dr. Polly Moore, a director of sleep research, she said that newborns and infants live their lives in a more sensory fashion, which is why they would often love to sleep on their mother’s arms.

Babies can even detect if they are being held by their mothers or by someone else. You can do a simple test: let your sibling or your parents hold your baby and in a short while, they will most likely cry and would do their best to vie for attention.

So, if this is the case, then how would you put your baby on a crib without them crying and looking for you? Well, according to Moore, you can create an environment where they will think that you’re still with them.

When your baby is in your arms, they will usually feel the warmth, which is why you need to make sure that you also give that to them whenever they are on their cribs.
However, do not just put some blankets or pillows on the crib because they might be under the risk of suffocation.

For you to be able to put your baby into the crib, you just have to swaddle them until they get comfortable and make sure that their crib is also comfortable as well so that they will think that they are still on your arms.

2. Your Baby Loves the Carrier

Aside from putting them on your arms, your baby also loves the carrier as well. That is because that kangaroo-like nature will help them become cozy and they will feel right at home. That being said, it is also beneficial for them because they will be put in an upright position- perfect for babies who are trying to pass gas.

To help them sleep on a carrier by themselves, you want to put them on it whenever they are awake but noticeably sleepy. They might cry or something, but just leave them be (but with your gaze fixated on them) until they cry themselves to sleep.

3. Other Tips

You want to establish a good bedtime routine for them so that they will be the ones to sleep on their own- no matter if it is on a crib or a carrier.

You want to limit the distractions as much as possible. Although babies can sleep with some distractions, you want to make things subtle to induce a sleeping effect.

If your baby wants you to do something to help them sleep, like singing them a lullaby or reading them their favorite book, then you can do that as part of their nightly routine.