Proven And Effective Weight Loss Tips

Aside from the recent breakthrough in medical science on using stem cells and stem cell therapy as a cure for heart disease, weight loss experts also have discovered a few things that can help you lose weight naturally and safely .

Yeah, new treatments are all well and good but isn’t better if we can prevent diseases such as heart disease in the first place? We can do this by practicing the right and healthy diet. So that why i’m sharing these tips.

The journey to lose weight is riddled with myths. There are all sorts of crazy, sometimes even dangerous methods being advised to people without a concrete proof that it’ll work.  

Over time, researchers have found a few methods (with proof) that seem effective.

Consumes lots of water, especially before meals

Drinking a lot of water is often claimed helps in shedding off body weight. Fact, it is true.

This is because by drinking water helps to boost metabolism by 24% to 30% within the span of 1-1.5 hour, burning a few calories.

A study pointed that drinking 17oz (half litre) of water half an hour before taking your meals helped people on diet consumes fewer calories and lose extra 44% weight.

Take eggs during breakfast

Consuming whole eggs give all sorts of benefits, especially in losing some weight.

Researches show that by swapping grain breakfast with eggs will make you consume lesser  calories in the next 36 hours, hence, losing more weight including body fat.

Coffee (Black) And Green Tea

Whenever you say, coffee, all sorts of bad effects fly around in our heads. Its unjustly labeled as the bad apple. The truth is that coffee is rich with antioxidants, and benefits our health in various ways.

Researches has shown that caffeine in coffee helps in boosting metabolism by 3% to 11% and increases the rate of fat burn by 10% to 29%.

To fully benefits coffee positive perks, DO NOT ADD SUGAR or any other high calorie related ingredients in it. Otherwise, it will nullify all of its effects.

Similar to coffee, green tea also helps in losing weight.

Only small amount of caffeine contained within green tea, but fully loaded with antioxidants called catechins. It work together well with caffeine in enhancing fat burning.

Proofs for this are mixed, but in majority of researches do state that green tea (drinks or supplement) assists you in losing weight.

Add and Use Coconut Oil in Your Cooking

Coconut oil is high in special fat called medium chain triglycerides, it is metabolized differently from other fats. It is a healthy element to be add into your cooking.

The fats been proved to boost metabolism by 120 calories per day, which helps in reducing your appetite. Thus, reducing the amount of your calories intake by 256 fewer (per day).

Cut On The Sugar Intake

Sugar is already bad for you as is, so do not add any more of it. Adding sugar is the worst criminal ingredient in modern diet.

Researches point that consumption of sugar (and high fructose corn syrup) is strongly related to the risk of being obese and type 2 diabetes, heart diseases and many others.

Glucomannan Supplement

Glucomannan is a type of fiber that has been proven to cause weight loss according to several researches.

This fiber type absorbs water and it will “stays” in your stomach for a time, making you feel full and in that turn, reduces calories intake.

Studies also have shown people who’s been taking glucomannan is losing more weight than the ones not taking it.

Cut on The Refined Carbs And Go on a Low Carb Diet

Sugars or grains, are usually considered as refined carbs, and meaning their nutritious, fibrous parts have been stripped off them (this includes bread and past).

As shown in various researches, carbs able to spike blood sugar in a rapid pace. Thus, making you feel hungry quicker, increases your appetite and cravings within a few hours. Refined carbs also related strongly to obesity.

If you already on the train of carb restriction, you might as well hopped on the next plane to low carb diet. Such a “way of eating” or diet, as shown by studies, able to help you lose the same amount of weight (2-3 times) as a standard low-fat diet and improving your health in the process.

Smaller Plates During Meals.

It may sound weird, but researches have shown that people automatically eat less (consumes fewer calories) when they’re using smaller plates. This may be related to our cognitive, where the brain automatically registered the amount of foods we take depending on the size of a plate.

Control The Food Portion or Calorie Count

Controlling food portion or counting calories can be very helpful in this endeavour.

As according to few studies, by taking pictures of your meals, jotted what you’ve had eaten, or having a food diary helps in losing weight.

This caused by psychological after effects. Whenever we are reminded of (the horrors) what we’ve had eaten, will increase our awareness in turn preventing us from huge amount of calories intake or foods consumption.

Surround Yourself With Healthy Foods

Having a lot of healthy foods around you will save you from consuming high calories and unhealthy foods when you’re hungry.

Prepare and store portable snacks like, fruits, baby carrots, a handful of nuts, yogurt and hard boiled eggs.

Teeth Caring (After Dinner)

I am unsure whether or whether not there have been any studies on this, but a lot of people recommended brushing your teeth or flossing them right after dinner. You won’t be craving for foods so much after you’ve done so.

Hot And Spicy Foods

Cayenne pepper contains Capsaicin, a type of compound that boosts metabolism and reduces appetite.

Aerobic Exercise And Weight Exercise

Invest your time to doing a little of aerobic exercise because this an excellent in burning away those fat and calories, while improving your health, physique and mental health in the process.

Dieting is all well and good but it will cause you to lose muscles and slows down your metabolic rate in the process (known as starvation mode).

To counter this, put on your sweats and start lifting some weights, do some resistance exercises, which weight lifting. It has been proven that weight exercises or trainings maintain your metabolic rate high and prevent from losing your muscle mass.

Besides, looking toned up after getting rid of those fats and calories is also important. So, weight training plays a crucial part in this.

Consumes More Fiber

To better help in your mission of losing weight, it is highly recommended that you increase your fiber intake. The proofs are mixed, but a few researches show fiber (mucous fiber) increases your satiety (feeling full) and, help you monitor and control your weight on the long run.

Consumes More Vegetables and Fruits

Several properties within vegetables and fruits are said to be effective in losing weight.

They’re low on calories, but rich in fiber. Water is abundant within fruits and vegetables, making them low on energy density. Chewing them may take a while and they’re quite filling.

Chew On It Slowly

The brain may take a while to completely register that you’ve eaten enough for the moment. So according to some researches by chewing slowly will help you decrease your calories intake and increase hormones production which related to weight loss.

A Good Night Sleep

Many people take sleep for granted, but it is just as important as dieting and exercising.

According to some researches, poor sleep quality increases the chance of obesity in children by 89% and 55% in adults. Lack of sleep or poor sleep quality is related to the risk of obesity. So people, make to get a good night sleep.

Defeating Food Addiction (It’s a Real Deal)

Back in 2014, a research and a survey on 196, 211 individuals discovered that 19.9% people fill the requirements for food addiction.

If you have overpowering craving, unsatisfiable appetite and you just seems can’t control your eating habits. Then, maybe, just maybe, you’re a food addict.

Add More Protein to Your Menu And Take Supplement; Whey Protein

When it comes down to losing weight, protein is one single most important nutrient.

A high protein diet is proven to boost metabolism 80 to 100 calories per day, and keeps you feeling satiated. This help to reduce calories up to 441 lesser per day.

As showed by a research, protein with the percentage of 25% calories decreased your thought about food by 60% and reducing the desire for late-night snacking by half.

Make note of this important diet tip.

Simply add protein to your diet program (no restriction) to lose weight and it is one of the most effective, delicious, and best methods.

Taking supplement might resolve the issue of protein intake if you’re struggling getting enough protein for your diet.

By replacing a part of your calories with whey protein can trigger weight loss as much as 8 pounds,and increasing your muscle mass in the process.

Cut on Sugary Drinks, or Fruit Juices, Because They’re Calories Drink

As we already know, sugar is the perp, but liquid sugar is even worse. Sugar in its liquid form (sugar syrup, or others like it) is the single most fattening element in modern day diet.

Here’s an example, a research showed beverages that are sweetened by sugar related and will increase the risk of obesity in children by 60% with each daily serving.

Eat Healthy, Don’t Deprived Your Own Body

The most often heard problems in “diet” is that they rarely work in the long run.

Those on “diet” often gain more weight over time, and it is a predictor (a consistent one) for future weight as according to some research.

Rather than starving yourself by “dieting”, instead nourished your body and become a happier, healthier, fitter person.