As the years progress, the world of web design is becoming more and more creative. The technological improvements are overwhelming, that it becomes the job of web developers and designers to make themselves updated of the most recent trends. Below are 11 website design trends that will dominate the market this 2019.

1.Awesome Typography

This is one of the most vital trends you will witness this coming year. Good typography can set the tone of a website, while offering crucial information to potential readers and customers. Make sure to take advantage of this trend, most especially if you are running a business in a website development company. Large headers are powerful tools that can evoke motion, and add more personality to your website.


Microinteractions started from mobile applications, and is now gradually making its way to the web. You might think that microinteractions are just simple animated elements, but no. They are more focused on users. In fact, they function as animated responses to every user action. If a person scrolls down, or clicks a button, the microinteraction is set to respond in a realistic approach.

3.New Color Schemes

2019 is the year of braver, more adventurous web developers and designers. If before they just focus on the classic and traditional colors, now they would break from the traditional shades. A big number of professionals have become even more courageous in their method of choosing colors, especially for business websites.

4.Broken and Asymmetric Grid Layouts

The asymmetric grid layout trend will continue to strengthen this 2019. Why? It is because of their experimental, unique and distinct appeal. Unconventional grid layouts is a trend even for bigger brands, which, surprisingly, are willing to take marketing risks. They are determined to stick the newest trends in order to set their brand apart in this modern competitive landscape.

5.Advanced Web Theming

Theme conversion is also making its way towards the modern web arena. PSD format to WordPress while utilizing Bootstrap can give multiple businesses various benefits. it can provide a good grid system, quick development speed, mobile-responsive design and efficient support.

6.3D Buttons

This 2019, new button designs will emerge. Buttons are not just simple, basic elements. They deliver true accessibility. The bottom border of a 3D button appears darker compared to the color of the main one. When the user clicks it, the entire button sinks down. It is being utilized today because they can encourage more responses from website visitors.

7.Mobile First Websites

Every website should be mobile-friendly, to be able to attract more users. Keep in mind that Google and other search engines prioritize mobile first websites when it comes indexing them. An efficient mobile experience is the main priority this 2019. New innovative tools, techniques and other mobile first initiatives are now on its way towards you. Websites would no longer be ranked based on desktop experience alone.

8.AI in Web Design

AI is now being introduced to the world of web design. Various conversational interfaces such as voice assistants and chatbots are making its way to every household. Surely, you are familiar with Google Home, Siri and Alexa. Expect AI, as well as machine learning, to be acquainted with several systems in the coming years.

9.Effective Illustrations

If you want to attract more visitors, engagement and conversion to your new website, consider adding captivating illustrations. An illustration is an amazing way to add friendly, fun images to web pages. If you can, ask an experienced artist to make illustrations for you. It should reflect your brand’s tone and personality. This trend is suitable for businesses who want an energetic and fun branding.

10.“Featured In” Badges

You can find this website design trend on sales-y web pages, and business websites. Featured In badges typically show what other magazines and blogs tell about your website. Of course, you would love to show only the best coverages and reviews. If you deliver high-quality products and services, then, this wouldn’t be difficult for you.

11.Dynamic Gradients

This 2019, dynamic gradients will surely get a huge comeback. Web designers and clients love gradients because they offer strong, big and strong colors. They offer a brilliant way to make a boring image look intriguing.